Give Your Law Office A Professional Makeover To Appeal To Clients


Imagine clients walking into your office and being met with run-down furniture, credentials placed haphazardly on a shelf, and dusty plants sitting forlornly in a corner. Their image of you just went from "I'm going to win" to "Help me, I'm doomed!" In the world of attorneys, how you present yourself is just as important as how well you can manage your trials, and it all starts with the office.

Professionally mat and frame all educational awards and accomplishments

This may prove to be a small investment, but having your credentials professionally framed tells your clients that you take pride in your education and skill. Legal frame designs that appeal to clients are typically deep brown or black in design with a gold trim around the edges. Wooden designs that match your other office decor, such as your desk or cabinets, add a professional look to your education and tell your clients that you are no-nonsense and ready to fight for them.

Install the right office furniture

Nothing gives you a more professional look than executive office furniture in rich leather. The best place to begin is with the chairs you and your clients will be sitting in to discuss cases. You want your chairs to be comfortable yet professional. Executive styles employ a sense of urgency and professionalism perfect for your office. You can be ornate or opt for a simple style, whichever suits your personality or image best. Types of executive chairs, for example, include:

  • oversized
  • accented
  • ergonomic

If you are simply looking for comfortable executive office furniture, stick with ergonomic chairs and couches--they help support the curvature of the spine while looking rich and appealing to clients. Sales experts from retailers like Senetics can help you pick out the perfect furniture for your office.

Have "power plants"

Even your plants can help you convey a professional message to your clients. Not only do plants help relax your clients and keep the air fresh and clean, they can give off an impression of pure natural power. Plants that state you mean business in the office include:

  • spider plant
  • snake plant
  • cactus
  • Boston fern
  • African violet
  • umbrella plant (great for privacy, as well)

The right plants can break up the often-intimidating appearance of your office, and can help give your first-time clients a sense of peace and relief. This puts them at ease and allows you to make the right impression the first time.

Your office as a lawyer should convey power and professionalism. Do this by giving your office the makeover it needs, so when your clients turn to you, they know you mean business and will work hard to win their case for them.