Five Reasons To Consider Getting A Second Oven


If you have a large family or entertain frequently, you may have considered investing in a second oven; a kitchen remodel is the perfect time to make this a reality! As you do your research and assess your needs, here are five ways in which double ovens can make your life easier.

Increased Possible Quantity

The increased possible quantity of food that double ovens provide is not only helpful on special occasions where you have a lot of guests, such as Thanksgiving, but in getting your everyday cooking and baking done in half the time. If you need to bake a few dozen cookies for a school event, for instance, you can have multiple trays going at once. Two ovens also allow you to simultaneously bake foods that require different temperatures.


One of the most difficult parts of cooking a large meal for a dinner party is ensuring that each dish is ready to go when it's time to eat. Even if you manage to get all the cooking done in time with one oven, it can be tricky to keep the foods you cooked earliest at the right temperature. Two ovens will help you time dishes more accurately in respect to the arrival time of your guests and can even give you an extra space to keep already cooked dishes warm.


If you have ever cooked different dishes in the same oven at the same time, you may have noticed an inconsistency throughout the finished products. Perhaps you have cooked lasagna and breadsticks together, for example, and ended up with overdone areas of lasagna and a few doughy breadsticks. This is because each addition to the oven changes the way the heat is distributed and may require more effort on your part to move items to different rows during the cooking process. With two ovens, you can avoid doubling up dishes. 

Separation of Flavors

Separate ovens also keep conflicting smells from interacting and flavoring things they shouldn't. Many of the vibrant spices and flavors you use in your dinners are so strong when cooking that they may rub off on the items with which they share your oven. If you don't want cookies that smell like garlic or brownies that taste like bacon, you can eliminate any risk by putting these dishes in separate ovens. 

More Room for Creativity

More space for cooking means that you can have a lot more flexibility and innovation in your culinary creations. In addition to having more time and ability to experiment, you will be able to fully embrace different cooking methods in the same meal. For example, you can have one oven broiling a part of your meal while the other takes on the roasting. A convenient and efficient set-up will keep cooking exciting and fun for you and your family for years to come! If you have questions on how double ovens might fit into your kitchen remodel, contact a local company that specializes in home renovations, such as Bryce & Doyle.