Set Up A Winter Wonderland In Your Backyard


Just because it is wintertime does not mean that you want to be cooped up inside. Getting out during the winter will require some planning and set up, but it will give your family the option to enjoy all seasons on your deck. If you want to have a fun night in the backyard during a white winter, there are some ways to get the backyard ready for a long night of family and fun. If you are interested in getting a good time out of doors, here are some steps to take to turn your patio or deck into a winter wonderland.

Pitch a small tent 

If you live in a snowy climate or if the wind tends to blow a little bit hard, a tent will help with both climates. The top of the tent will direct the snow away from your sitting area, making it a little more comfortable. If you get a tent with siding, this will block the harshness of the wind so that you can bundle up just a little bit less. Put chairs and a table on the inside of the tent to protect them from the elements. If possible, use wire tables and chairs, as they are easy to clean and can stand up to the weather.

Hang candle lanterns

Create a lit ambiance in the backyard that is neither too dark nor too harsh. A white lantern that is lit with a large candle will reflect the white snow and will light up your backyard. You can find cheap lanterns online with white or blue framing that will fit your winter wonderland theme. If you have kids, let them draw snowflakes or their favorite storybook or holiday characters on the glass to get them in on the festive act. Keep the candles lit only while you are outside to watch the candles as a proper safety measure.

Set up the fire pit

A fire pit will keep you warm and toasty, plus allow you to make s'mores while you enjoy a winter outside. Set up the furniture and the tent around the fire pit, so that the heat can radiate throughout the circle. If you do not have a fire pit, you can build one with stones and bricks plus sand and gravel. You can also choose to use lumber instead of burning a fire on the sand, in order create a traditional fire. Make sure you keep a bucket of water or sand nearby to smother the flames when you want to decrease or put the fire out entirely.