The Three Basics of Ice Machine Servicing


If you have a restaurant, the need for a working ice machine is crucial; your customers are not going to be happy with warm drinks.This means you need to keep up with the servicing of the machine to avoid breakdowns. There are three basics to maintenance. Here is a bit of information about each task.

Cleaning the Bin

Cleaning the bin will need to be done on a regular basis. Dust, dirt, bacteria, and other contaminants can easily get into the bin. If you do not clean it, the ice will taste off and make all the drinks taste bad. In addition, there could be bacteria that causes disease. Furthermore, you need to check with the local health department to find out if there are any regulations concerning the ice bin. You may need to have a sign-off sheet posted on the side of the machine that is checked every time the bin is cleaned. Failure to have the proper documentation can be a bad mark on a health inspection that closes your establishment.

Preventing Scale

Hard water will cause a buildup of scale on the water lines, condenser, and other parts of the machine. This can cause the machine to work less efficiently, taking more energy to produce ice or even not working at all. In addition, the ice it does make will have an off taste and be cloudy. Buildup can be hard get off, so it is important to prevent it from happening. One, easy way to prevent the minerals from sticking to the machine is by using a water softener. However, it is important that you follow the manufacturer's manual on the best way to do this for your machine.

Maintaining Air Flow

Your ice machine will have some type of air filter inside to keep dust and other particles from getting into the internal parts. It is important that you replace or clean this filter according to the manufacturer's instructions. While you have the filter out, look around inside to see if any dust or debris has passed through the filter and is sticking to the parts. Using a soft brush, clean off anything that is inside.

If customers are complaining that their drinks are tasting funny, it is not always the carbonation or syrup that is off. Taste some of the ice to make sure it is not dirty. Keeping the scale down and the air flowing will keep the machine working so you can keep everyone happy.

For more information, contact companies that can perform ice machine services.