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Identifying Landscaping Tools For Beginners: What They Look Like, What They Do And Why You Need Them

Posted by Anna Granger on Aug 7, 2016

If you have decided to totally DIY your own landscaping, and you have never done anything close to landscape work or gardening, you may have that “deer in headlights” look right about now. There is likely an aisle and a wall dedicated to landscaping and garden tools at your nearest hardware or big box store. How are you supposed to choose what you need? Can you identify any of these tools and what they do, beyond calling something a shovel or hoe? Before you decide that you are in over your head, read the following information on landscaping tool identification, what they do and why you need them. The Garden Spade Commonly referred to as a “shovel,” the garden spade typically has a long hardwood handle to resist pressure and breaking. The spade portion of the tool is often steel or a very thick, anti-rust/anti-corrosive metal so it can withstand the wetness of the ground. It essentially looks like the bottom half of a heart, without the two humps on top. The point on the end is almost always very sharp, and it will help you cut through some very tough soil or chop through the deep roots of weeds, bushes and trees. It also digs very precise holes, a feature which makes this tool invaluable to landscaping. The Manual Tiller Far cheaper than an electric- or gas-powered tiller, the manual tiller has a long wooden pole for a handle and about a half-dozen, very sharp tiller wheels on the...

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Tips For Repainting A Metal Roof

Posted by Anna Granger on Aug 7, 2016

If you have purchased a home that has a beautiful exterior except for an old, faded metal roof, then you might take it upon yourself to paint it. This is helpful because it will improve the way the exterior of your house looks without actually requiring you to get a new roof. Metal roofs tend to last a long time, so repainting is your best option. Here are some tips for repainting your metal roof. 1. Scrape Away Paint That’s Coming Off the Roof The first thing that you need to do is scrape off the paint on your roof. The good thing is that you don’t have to scrape off all the paint. You merely have to scrape off the paint that is going to cause any new paint that you add to not adhere as well. Look around the edges first for paint that is peeling or flaking. Once you’ve scraped off the paint along the edges that is not securely adhered, check the middle to see if there is any flaking. You do not have to remove paint that is securely adhered because it is likely to stay securely adhered once you cover it with another layer of paint, allowing that layer to remain adhered as well. 2. Sand the Roof Next, take sandpaper and lightly sand the entire roof. Your goal when sanding isn’t to get rid of paint but merely to give the entire surface of the roof a textured feel. This is because...

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Lawn Mower Safety Tips For People With Children

Posted by Anna Granger on Aug 7, 2016

If you have children, you might have to plan very carefully as to how you are going to manage to keep up on yard work. You likely have a ton of work on your plate, and yard work might not be at the top of your to do list. However, if you manage to squeeze an hour or two of lawn maintenance into your schedule, you are going to need to take precautions to make sure that you don’t accidentally put your kids in danger while mowing the lawn. Here are some lawn mower safety tips for people with children. 1. Clear Your Yard of Anything That’s Not Grass and Dirt Your first step is to go through your yard carefully to make sure that you get rid of anything that isn’t grass or dirt. This is important because twigs, rocks, and small toys can get stuck in the blades of the mower. The blades will then either get stuck, rendering your lawn mower unusable, or fling the small item at a high speed in a random direction. If your kids like to play outside, this could potentially put them in danger. If you have a small yard, quickly walk through it and make sure that there are no foreign objects on the lawn. If you have a large lawn, consider raking it to find the small items. Get your kids to help if they are old enough. 2. Always Turn Off the Motor and Wait for the Blades...

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Best Plantings For Every Season

Posted by Anna Granger on Aug 7, 2016

You want to enjoy your yard year-round, right? Some of the steps are obvious, such as installing a fire pit for warmth in the cooler months. Perhaps you’ve already assembled comfortable furniture on your patio as well. That said, having a pretty vista year-round is another goal. Plant perennials and trees that will allow your yard to look attractive no matter the month. Spring Plants Naturally any annuals you plant in spring are going to look beautiful at this time, and augmenting your permanent landscaping this way is certainly a recommendation. However, Better Homes and Gardens also recommends the following perennials: Yellow trillium: blooms in spring and leaves behind variegated leaves Hellebore: can even tolerate light frost Snowdrop anemone: likes cool weather so much it sometimes blooms again in fall Iris: blooms extravagantly in late spring In addition to those perennials, consider trees that produce beautiful blossoms. The most obvious is a cherry tree, but lilac is an option that also offers fragrance. Mock orange is another like that. Plant these trees and install a comfortable bench so you can enjoy the blossoms and fragrance in the spring. Summer Plants You probably spend a lot of time outside in the summer. That’s when seating under a tree come in handy. However, another pretty way to create shade is with a trellis. Plant a climbing flower, such as honeysuckle or morning glory, at the base and train it over the trellis for additional shade. If you’d like to attract butterflies,...

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Unique Ways To Transform An Ordinary Framed Mirror Into A Statement Piece

Posted by Anna Granger on Jul 15, 2016

Have a space in your room that is somewhat on the blah side? Consider adding a statement piece. Statement pieces are often simple in stature, but their level of appeal and style is tremendous. A framed mirror can serve as an excellent statement piece with the right touch. Here are just some of the things you can do to transform a framed mirror into stylish statement piece. Incorporate Texture Consider adding some texture to the mirror. If you don’t really plan on using the mirror in the traditional sense, you can achieve this by painting a design on the glass or even adding appliques. If you still want to be able to view the mirror without any obstruction, consider adding texture to its frame. Some ideas include adhering artificial flower petals, small stones or even tiles to the frame. Just use the theme of the space for inspiration. Both of these options can transform the mirror into a beautiful work of art and serve as the focal point of the space. Think Outside The Box If you don’t already own a mirror to use as a statement piece, when shopping, make sure you are thinking outside the box. Most people choose a traditional rectangular mirror, but mirrors are available in just about any shape you can think of. Adding a mirror to your space designed in a different shape is unique, creative and can be an attention grabber. As an added tip, should you decide to go with a...

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Getting Rid Of Pigeons: Humane Ways To Keep Pesky Birds At Bay

Posted by Anna Granger on Jun 23, 2016

You may think that pigeons are no big deal until they begin to make your own property their home. Pigeons tend to be year-round nesters, which means they don’t fly south for the winter or seek another home until the one they have becomes unpleasant for them. Since pigeons can raise several babies in a single year, imagine how quickly a few pigeons can turn into a large mess for you. If you have issues with pigeons in your yard destroying plants, eating your garbage, and ruining your rooftops, use these tips to keep these pesky birds at bay. Remove all food sources If you want pigeons to leave your property, you need to stop making it a habitable place for them to live. The best way to start with your pigeon problem is to look at any food sources you may be offering these crafty birds. Pigeons can eat just about anything, although they prefer grains and seeds, so items like pet food, open garbage, and even plant material in your yard can make a nice snack. Your local pest control expert can help you pigeon-proof your home as far as food sources go to keep them from staying at your home long-term. Make nesting difficult Pigeons need a flat surface with plenty of coverage to make their nests, and can be pretty picky about where they call home. This is why you will often find their nests in your roof or attic area. Before pigeons can make...

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Setting up Your Birdbath

There are many types of birdbaths, and a birdbath can be a traditional concrete bowl and pedestal or can be as simple as a shallow bowl on a concrete slab.

Cleaning a Birdbath

Birds will be more attracted to a birdbath that is clean and has clean, fresh water. You can clean your birdbath with a simple mixture of bleach and water.

Heating a Birdbath

If you are planning to keep a birdbath in a cold climate during the winter, you will need a heater. You can easily add a heater to an existing birdbath.