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Unique Ways To Transform An Ordinary Framed Mirror Into A Statement Piece

Posted by Anna Granger on Jul 15, 2016

Have a space in your room that is somewhat on the blah side? Consider adding a statement piece. Statement pieces are often simple in stature, but their level of appeal and style is tremendous. A framed mirror can serve as an excellent statement piece with the right touch. Here are just some of the things you can do to transform a framed mirror into stylish statement piece. Incorporate Texture Consider adding some texture to the mirror. If you don’t really plan on using the mirror in the traditional sense, you can achieve this by painting a design on the glass or even adding appliques. If you still want to be able to view the mirror without any obstruction, consider adding texture to its frame. Some ideas include adhering artificial flower petals, small stones or even tiles to the frame. Just use the theme of the space for inspiration. Both of these options can transform the mirror into a beautiful work of art and serve as the focal point of the space. Think Outside The Box If you don’t already own a mirror to use as a statement piece, when shopping, make sure you are thinking outside the box. Most people choose a traditional rectangular mirror, but mirrors are available in just about any shape you can think of. Adding a mirror to your space designed in a different shape is unique, creative and can be an attention grabber. As an added tip, should you decide to go with a...

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Getting Rid Of Pigeons: Humane Ways To Keep Pesky Birds At Bay

Posted by Anna Granger on Jun 23, 2016

You may think that pigeons are no big deal until they begin to make your own property their home. Pigeons tend to be year-round nesters, which means they don’t fly south for the winter or seek another home until the one they have becomes unpleasant for them. Since pigeons can raise several babies in a single year, imagine how quickly a few pigeons can turn into a large mess for you. If you have issues with pigeons in your yard destroying plants, eating your garbage, and ruining your rooftops, use these tips to keep these pesky birds at bay. Remove all food sources If you want pigeons to leave your property, you need to stop making it a habitable place for them to live. The best way to start with your pigeon problem is to look at any food sources you may be offering these crafty birds. Pigeons can eat just about anything, although they prefer grains and seeds, so items like pet food, open garbage, and even plant material in your yard can make a nice snack. Your local pest control expert can help you pigeon-proof your home as far as food sources go to keep them from staying at your home long-term. Make nesting difficult Pigeons need a flat surface with plenty of coverage to make their nests, and can be pretty picky about where they call home. This is why you will often find their nests in your roof or attic area. Before pigeons can make...

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How To Prevent Mold Growth

Posted by Anna Granger on May 26, 2016

Mold growth can occur in your home due to high levels of humidity or moisture, and is extremely common after water damage has occurred. However, there are a number of things that you can do around you home to help prevent the development and spread of mold and mildew. Ventilation Good ventilation is a great way to reduce the amount of humidity and moisture within your home. Opening the windows within your home during the summer months allows for cross breezes to develop, allowing fresh air in while carrying damp, stale air out. Furthermore, installing dehumidifiers within your HVAC system can help reduce the overall levels of humidity within your home. In the same vein, you’ll want to ensure that all of the air vents in your home are unblocked to ensure that air is flowing uninhibited throughout your home. Plumbing Take good care of your plumbing and be mindful of leaks and condensation behind the walls or ceilings of your home. This usually takes the form of discoloration, peeling paint or wallpaper, and the sound of running water when no water fixtures are turned on. If you notice a leak or water damage associated with your plumbing anywhere in your house, contact a professional immediately to have it fixed before it causes a significant amount of water damage and promotes mold growth. Roofing Drainage Your roof represents two main entrance points for water into your home. Firstly, you should visually inspect your roof (or have a professional come...

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Is Your Garage Door Going Bad?

Posted by Anna Granger on May 2, 2016

Garage doors are expensive things. That means that, when most people invest in a good garage door, they expect it to last for many years. Unfortunately, however, garage doors don’t always last for as long as their owners would prefer. And, even if they do last for several years, no garage door can last forever. That is why it is important to pay attention to your garage door and to know the warning signs that it’s going bad and that a replacement is impending. When you catch the signs early, you can start saving up for a new garage door so that you won’t be left without one in the near future. Opening and Closing Problems One of the first warning signs that your garage door is going bad is typically that the door stops opening and/or closing easily and properly. These problems can start off small, with stuttering or a delay when you attempt to open or close your door, and, if not fixed, they will usually lead to a door that doesn’t open and/or close at all. This problem could be due to your garage door opener, so try changing its batteries first of all. If that doesn’t work, then your problem may be due to a broken garage door spring, which you will need to replace, or, if the problem is beyond repair, you will need to replace your entire garage door. Loose Cables Every garage door has cables at the top that appear to be...

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Insects That Infest Longleaf Pine – And How To Save The Tree

Posted by Anna Granger on Apr 5, 2016

Longleaf pines grow in sandy or clay soil, can live for hundreds of years, and feature distinctive, twisting segments of long needles. The longleaf pine was once plentiful in the United States but has since dwindled in numbers. If you have a longleaf pine on your property, taking care of the tree can help preserve one of the nation’s most beautiful tree types. Taking care of your tree includes monitoring the longleaf pine for signs of insect infestations that can cause harm to the tree. Here are a couple of the insects that can infest a longleaf pine. Black Turpentine Beetles Black turpentine beetles are brownish red to black insects that burrow through the bark and feed on the healthy tree tissue inside. The beetles tend to target areas of bark that were already damaged or the roots of the tree. If the beetles remain localized around injury sites, the overall damage to the tree won’t be severe. But extensive root damage or trunk damage can result in tree mortality. How can you tell if your longleaf pine has a black turpentine beetle infestation? The areas where the beetles are eating through the bark will both kick up some dust and create a sap leak. If your tree is in the early throes of infestation, call in a tree service company to see what they can do. They may be able to apply an insecticide to help evict the bugs. The combination of the insecticide and the tree’s natural...

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3 Tips To Help Your Yard Transition From Winter To Spring

Posted by Anna Granger on Mar 3, 2016

If you really want your yard to look great this summer, you need to take care of your lawn during the transition from winter to spring. Here are three things you can do during that transition period that will help your yard thrive come summer. Rake Your Yard Once the snow has melted and the days have started to become warmer, it is time to rake your yard again. There are two different reasons why raking your yard  in the spring in important. First, it allows you to remove any leaves that you didn’t get last fall. Leaves tend to continue to fall throughout the winter, and this is a great chance to get them out of the way before you mow your yard for the first time this year.  Second, raking your lawn in the spring allows you to break up any thatch that has built up. Thatch is created when the clippings from your yard build up and form a cover between your grass and the ground. When the thatch in your yard gets too thick, it can prevent nutrients from getting to your grass and prevent your grass from thriving. Check For Compacted Areas After you have raked your yard, you need to check for any areas where the grass and soil has become extremely compacted. This usually happens near areas where there is a lot of traffic. If you have any areas like this in your yard, you need to aerate those areas. This will...

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Setting up Your Birdbath

There are many types of birdbaths, and a birdbath can be a traditional concrete bowl and pedestal or can be as simple as a shallow bowl on a concrete slab.

Cleaning a Birdbath

Birds will be more attracted to a birdbath that is clean and has clean, fresh water. You can clean your birdbath with a simple mixture of bleach and water.

Heating a Birdbath

If you are planning to keep a birdbath in a cold climate during the winter, you will need a heater. You can easily add a heater to an existing birdbath.