7 Ways To Read In Style


Now that you have a home library, you probably have plenty of ideas about the way you would like it to look. There are many ways you can make your bookshelves stand out among the rest.

Hang artwork.

There is nothing wrong with using your bookshelves to display artwork. You can even hang some pieces on the shelf itself, covering up books that you are not proud to display. These could be your most tattered books, or perhaps a collection of doubles that you don't necessarily want to show off, or perhaps books you simply would prefer others not see.

Paint the shelves.

There is nothing wrong with a black, brown, or white shelf, but don't you think it would be neat to spice things up? Choose a color scheme for your home library and stick with it. Shelves can be any color. Dark, traditional colors will give your library a sophisticated vibe whereas light colors will allow the room to seem more airy.

Combine your library with the bar.

Why not turn your library into a social gathering room? You can use the library as not only a place to read and gain knowledge, but also as a place to relax. Invite friends to the library for a drink and some easy conversation starters.

Stack your books in a new way.

Have you ever thought about sorting your books by color? What about stacking them horizontally? If you are low on space, use each shelf to house two rows of books. Your shelves can be classified with the Dewey Decimal System or have no organization at all.

Add a place to sit.

Oversized chairs are essential for a library. You need a place to sit, read, and relax with a cup of coffee or tea. In fact, you can even add a coffee bar to the library.

Focus on used books.

If you are still focusing on building up your library, you will see that used books are very affordable. Online auction websites offer large boxes of books at cheap prices, and flea markets also have great prices on books of great quality.

Use three types of lighting.

Not only should you have a library with great natural lighting provided by windows, but you also need an overhead light and a table-side lamp for those times when you feel like a cozier atmosphere. Look at furniture stores like Chez-Del Home Furnishings & Interior Design for ways to make your library look and feel more cozy.

Your home library will never look the same after this brilliant transformation. Your library will look great, and you will have plenty of space to sit and explore your favorite reads.