Ergonomic Health: Standing Vs Sitting


Should you be standing while at work? Or sitting? It's an age-old debate. When it comes to your ergonomic health, there are multiple schools of thought on this very issue.

Both sitting and standing have their pros and cons. This article will seek to determine the best solution between sitting and standing while working.


The fact that sitting down for extended periods of time is bad for your health is very well-known. It has been shown that being in a seated position can have a serious impact on your health.

In men, sitting for more than 6 hours a day can cause a 20% higher mortality rate. This is a very serious issue, since most Americans have jobs where they are sitting for most of the day. It is obvious that there needs to be a way to diminish the damaging impact that sitting can have.


Given the information above, it would seem that standing while working would be the better option. It does have multiple advantages over sitting, but it is not without its share of health issues.

Standing up while working can cause carpal tunnel syndrome. This is because your wrist is forced to extend more than when you are in a seated position.

This means you will be forced to lean in a way that damages your wrist. This is what causes carpal tunnel syndrome.

Standing up for longer periods of time can also result in the development of blood clots. This is due to the pooling of blood that occurs in your legs when you are standing up.

The Answer

It seems that neither sitting nor standing is the appropriate solution. Both positions can cause circulatory issues as well as pain.

So what is the answer then? Doing both. The best way to promote better ergonomic health is to alternate between standing and sitting.

While you are doing your computer work, you should be seated. Your sitting time should be punctuated with short "standing breaks."

During these breaks, it's not enough to simply stand up, you must also move around. Take a short walk around your area. This will help promote healthy circulation.

If you happen to work in a call center, you can remain seated when you don't have a call and need to do your computer work. When you receive a call that doesn't require a lot of computer work, you can stand up and walk around while speaking with your customer.

If you're interested in getting an affordable standing desk, invest in a tall stool so that you don't have to stand all day.

Another great option is to invest in an adjustable desk. You can spend part of the day standing, then spend the rest of the day sitting. This is a more versatile solution.

What is important to remember is the fact that it isn't sitting or standing that is the main issue. The issue is remaining stationary. Make sure that you are taking time to move around to get your blood flowing in a healthy way. This will help you remain ergonomically healthy at work.