The Art Of Squeezing Your Rural Home Into A Tiny City Studio


When it comes to trading your rural lifestyle for big city lights, downsizing to a compact apartment is definitely one of the biggest challenges – especially when that compact apartment happens to be a four-wall rental studio. If you've never lived in a studio before, moving your entire home into a single room might feel like mission impossible, but it's really not as tough as it sounds. Here's how to pull it off without getting stressed out:

Have a Garage Sale Blowout

You can't bring everything you own with you, so why not turn some of it into cash? A few weeks before your move, go through your entire house to look for items you don't mind parting with. Generally, anything you haven't used in a year is fair game. If you have time, do two garage sales, and don't forget to drive traffic through ads in local grocery stores, message boards, and newspapers.

Outsource Storage

Thankfully, storage lockers in cities aren't nearly as tough to come by as spacious apartments. To avoid cluttering your new studio with things that don't see daily use, stow them away at a nearby storage facility. If possible, try to get a contract that coincides with your lease term. Monthly rentals tend to be a little more expensive than annual contracts, but you also don't want to be commuting to your storage unit if you end up moving again after your lease is up.

Stock Up on Creative Storage Spaces

The last thing you want to do is bring more clutter into an already tight space, but the right storage pieces really can make your life easier from day one. Floating shelves, vertical hooks and racks, shelves that attach to cabinet doors, pegboards, and baskets that can fill dead space are all great ideas for staying organized in the tiniest of spaces.

Leave the Hard Work to the Pros

Just because your new apartment feels microscopic doesn't mean that you can fit everything you own into a rental van. Plus, professional movers from companies like Wheaton World Wide Moving have a whole lot more experience in going from country homes to city rentals. Your team will not only handle the stressful street parking, but they'll also know how to stack your boxes in a way that makes it easy to find everything you need in a flash until you're all unpacked and settled.

If you do plan on hiring professional household movers, keep in mind that leases in cities typically start on the 1st and the 15th of the month. Because demand is especially high for those dates, the best moving companies get booked up fast. To get the coveted morning time slot, schedule your services well in advance, or if you're relocating on short notice, ask your landlord for lenient move-in dates.