Tips For Installing Carpet Tiles In Your Office


Is the floor of your office or retail space looking dingy and scuffed? One good way for working professionals, such as doctors, dentists and attorneys, to spruce up their offices is to install new flooring. You have many products to choose from, with carpet tiles being a particularly good choice. This flooring option, which consists of small squares of carpet that join together, is both economical and easy to install. Here are some great tips for installing carpet tiles, if you decide to tackle this project yourself.

Measure the Space

The first step in this type of project is to measure the space you want to cover. If your office floor has a square shape, all you need to do is measure the length and width of the room. Then you multiply these two numbers to determine the square footage. For an irregularly-shaped floor, divide the space into sections and calculate the square footage of each area. Then add the sections together to find the total square footage of the room.

Prepare the Existing Floor

You need to prepare the existing floor before installing the carpet tiles. If you intend to lay the tiles over a concrete floor, conduct a moisture test to make certain the concrete is completely dry. This can be done easily with a test kit from a home and garden center. For other types of existing floors or sub-floors, make certain that they are secure and free of debris. Avoid laying carpet tiles over existing carpet. This has several disadvantages, including potentially decreasing the lifespan of the tiles.

Start in the Middle

The most efficient way to lay the tiles is to start from the middle of the floor. Snap two chalk lines, pieces of string attached to the wall, along the floor to guide you. Place the chalk lines perpendicular to each other, which separates the floor into quadrants. Fill in one quadrant at a time, starting at the spot where the chalk lines meet at the center of the floor and working out to the walls.

Use A Carpet Knife.

You will probably need to cut some of the carpet tiles to fit them against walls and doorways. Although a common utility knife works for this purpose, a carpet knife is even better. Cut the tiles against a hard surface such as a hardwood or concrete floor.

Upgrading your office flooring with carpet tiles is a relatively simple process. If you would rather have a professional do the job, however, contact a flooring contractor, such as Certified Flooring Installation, Inc.