2 Spooky Types Of Home Decor To Scare Your Neighbors


Halloween is a very fun time of year, especially if you are planning on decorating your home to entertain trick or treaters or are simply looking to make your house as spooky as possible for the season. Two spooky types of Halloween decor that you can use to scare your neighbors are Halloween dummies and window silhouettes.

Halloween Dummies

Exterior Halloween decor is going to be the best option you will have for making your house look as creepy as possible for the season. In many cases, people will use this opportunity to place plastic tombstones and large pumpkins throughout their yard. However, one easy way to decorate your yard in order to go that extra mile for Halloween is to purchase a life-size stuffed dummy.

These dummies can typically be purchased online or from most department stores during the Halloween season. The dummies will usually not come with any clothing or costumes, which gives you the freedom of being able to clothe the dummy with old clothing you may have or any costume that you want.

Once you have the dummy clothed you can have it sitting on your porch or in a chair to provide a somewhat more lifelike and spooky decoration. If you want to take things a step further you can hang the dummy with a rope from a large tree in your front yard.

Window Silhouettes

Window silhouettes are another fun staple of Halloween decor. These silhouettes will often be small pictures of skeletons or witches that stick to the inside of your windows. However, there are a wide range of creepier silhouettes available that will allow you to get a bit creative. The nice part about these silhouettes is their variety—you can choose ones showing everything from zombies to innocent bystanders or axe murderers.

While simply having life-sized silhouettes in your windows depicting what appears to be a zombie or murderer wandering through your house is creepy enough, you can easily take it a bit further for that extra scare. If you have multiple windows near each other, or large windows, you can make it appear that the silhouettes are interacting with one another.

You could show a pair of silhouettes depicting a zombie eating its victim or an axe or chainsaw-wielding madman chasing someone. A nice benefit to the silhouettes is that you can depict the scenes without having to worry about showing disturbing gore because the silhouettes will be black and won't have a lot of detail.

Pay a visit to your local home decor store today in order to see the many options you have for decorating your home for Halloween. Dummies and window silhouettes are a great way to make your home stand out and really get into the spirit of the Halloween season.