Are You A New Home Owner With A Flooding Basement? Solutions For Prevention


If you have recently purchased a home and you've already had water in your basement, you want to have a contractor come to the home to see what is causing the flooding. There are a lot of different things that could be causing the water to come into the basement, and there are some ways you can prevent damage from occurring in the space.

Waterproof the Basement

Waterproof the basement to help seal out moisture. This is a thick sealant applied to the foundation, and it looks like a thick paint. This is going to prevent leaks and help stop mold from forming on the walls inside of the basement. You can get the supplies and do this on your own at home, or you can let the professionals do it. Professional application will ensure that the process was completed properly.

Replace the Sump Pump

The sump pump must not be working properly if you have water entering the basement. The pump may be the wrong size, or it may not have a battery or water-powered back up system for when the power goes out. There could be clogs in the piping that allows the pump to push water out of the home as well.

You'll want to make sure the pump is large enough for your home and that it works as needed by having a plumber test it. If something is faulty, have it replaced right away.

Add Erosion Protection

You'll want to call a contractor that specializes in erosion control to assess your home. The melting snow, humidity from changing temperatures, heavy rains, frost and other causes can deteriorate or wash away the soil and backfill that is supposed to support your home and keep water out.

You may need to have the backfill and soil around your home dug up, and then have stone, sand or even more concrete added. The contractor will decide what will be best for the property to prevent water from being a problem again in the future.

Water in your home will deteriorate the foundation, it can cause mold and mildew to spread throughout the space, and it can compromise the structure of your home. Don't ignore a water problem if water is coming in through the foundation or if it's coming up through the sump pump crock in your home. These are serious issues that need to be fixed to maintain the safety and value of your home.