3 Tips For Choosing Furniture That Works With Your Smaller Living Space


Despite the fact that single family homes represent the "American Dream" for many, two in ten Americans live in condos or apartments. These rental units often feature smaller living spaces than single family homes, making it difficult to find furnishings that are both stylish and to scale.

If you are thinking of furnishing an apartment or condo, keep these three tips in mind to help you select furniture that will work with your smaller living space.

1.  Invest in furniture pieces that double as storage space.

Apartments and condos are notoriously lacking in storage space. By selecting furnishings that are not only comfortable but provide storage options as well, you can reduce the clutter in your small living space.

Some good pieces to consider investing in include vintage trunks that can be used as end tables or coffee tables, upholstered ottomans that can be used both as extra seating and additional storage, and storage benches instead of chairs for use around a dining room table.

2.  Pay close attention to the shape of furnishings.

When looking to furnish a small living space, it is important to remember that the shape of the furnishings you purchase can impact your overall design. Furniture featuring rounded or curved edges is best for small apartments or condos, since these shapes will make it easier to wind your way through tight quarters.

Some great pieces to keep on the lookout for include round coffee tables, sofas with curved arms, and dining room chairs with rounded seats.

3.  Choose furnishings with a sleek, modern design.

Incorporating bulky, traditional furniture in a small living space can create a crowded feel. The more floor space that remains visible, the larger your room will appear. Opting for modern furnishings that do not obstruct your view of the floor can be a great way to ensure you never feel cramped in your small living space.

When you shop for sleek, modern furnishings, like from Carol's Design House, be sure that you are looking for leggy sofas and chairs, as well as Lucite or glass tabletops. Stay away from skirted furniture whenever possible.

Although there are some challenges associated with furnishing a small living space, these challenges can be overcome simply by selecting furniture pieces that double as extra storage space and feature rounded edges and sleek lines. Keeping these tips in mind will allow you to invest in furniture that will not overwhelm the smaller living space available in your apartment of condo.