Learn How To Turn Your Childs Juvenile Room Into A Sanctuary For A Teen


As children leave childhood and start becoming teenagers, their personal style may change dramatically. There are many teens that want to have their entire room completely redecorated to show that they are no longer young children. Completely redecorating a room can be quite expensive; however, you could simply revamp some of the items that are in their room to give it a fresh, new look.

The Walls

Adding a fresh coat of paint to the walls can really change the look of a room. You want to be sure that your teen will be happy with the look of the room when everything is done. Have them choose a color and paint a small sample amount of paint on one wall. Leave the paint in place for a few days so that your child can see it in every light before choosing if they want their entire room that color.

The Furniture

Furniture can easily be painted with spray paint to give it a completely new look. Sand down the furniture first, add a coat of primer, and then paint it any color your teen wants. You can also change out the knobs on drawers to update the furniture.

The Curtains

Updating the curtains in the room may be easier than you think. Get some fabric dye at a local craft store. Fill the bathtub until it is halfway full. Add dye to the tub until you reach the color your teen wants. Lay the curtains in the dye for about ten minutes and then let the water down the tub. Rinse curtains out with cool water and then throw them into the wash. The curtains will have a completely new look and it will only cost you a few bucks to do. You can also check out the clearance section and sales at retailers such as D. Schultz Interiors to find great curtains for your kid's room.

The Décor

If your child wants to create a really dramatic look in their room, consider helping them create a draping curtain headboard behind the head of their bed. Measure the length of the bed and find the centermost point. Directly above the center of the bed, hang a curtain rod from the ceiling. Directly behind the head of the bed, hang another curtain rod a few inches from the ceiling. Put a very long curtain, over 80 inches in length, onto the curtain rod that is hanging from the ceiling and drape it behind the curtain rod that is hanging on the wall over the head of your teen's bed. Pull the curtain down a bit between the ceiling rod and wall rod so that it drapes down from the ceiling a bit to create a dramatic look.

These simple updates will completely change the look of your teen's room without costing you a fortune at the same time. Your child can do many of the projects on their own, so that they can feel pride in the way their room looks when they are finished.