4 Beauty Tips For Dealing With Hard Water


Hard water is water that contains a great deal of minerals, which can be difficult for your hair and skin because it coats them in minerals and dries them out. If you find that your hair is very try, gets knotted easily, and feels borderline sticky, then you might be suffering from having hard water to bathe with. Here are some beauty tips for dealing with hard water if you are not able to install a water softener right away.

1. Install a Shower Head with a Filter

The most effective thing for you to do would be to install a water filter at the location where the water from the water treatment plant enters your home. However, this can be time consuming and expensive. Until you have the funds and the time to have this performed, you can install a new shower head that has a filter built into it. A shower head with a built in filter will remove much of the excess particles that are in the water, leaving only the softened water to touch your hair and skin. This will not solve the entire problem, especially if you like to take baths, but it will remove the amount of minerals that come in contact with your hair and skin.

2. Buy Chelating Products

The next step is to get the minerals that are already caked onto your skin and hair off. To get the minerals out of your hair, you can use a shampoo that is specifically designed for that purpose. Chelating shampoo binds with the minerals that are on your strands of hair and forces them to loosen and fall off in the shower.

You can also purchase a chelating body wash. A chelating body wash can be used to get rid of minerals on your skin. It is more effective if you use an exfoliant first to loosen the minerals, and then use the body wash.

3. Try Apple Cider Vinegar

Finally, you should try an apple cider vinegar rinse. Take a bucket and add 8 - 10 cups of water. For each of those cups of water, add a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar, which can be purchased at most major grocery stores. Mix the water and the vinegar. Then, pour the bucket over your head, making sure that you soak the entirety of your hair. The apple cider vinegar will strip the minerals from your hair and leave it soft and bouncy. It also helps get the minerals off your skin. Because of the high acid level in the vinegar, use an apple cider vinegar wash once a week.

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