3 Tips To Help Your Yard Transition From Winter To Spring


If you really want your yard to look great this summer, you need to take care of your lawn during the transition from winter to spring. Here are three things you can do during that transition period that will help your yard thrive come summer.

Rake Your Yard

Once the snow has melted and the days have started to become warmer, it is time to rake your yard again. There are two different reasons why raking your yard  in the spring in important.

First, it allows you to remove any leaves that you didn't get last fall. Leaves tend to continue to fall throughout the winter, and this is a great chance to get them out of the way before you mow your yard for the first time this year. 

Second, raking your lawn in the spring allows you to break up any thatch that has built up. Thatch is created when the clippings from your yard build up and form a cover between your grass and the ground. When the thatch in your yard gets too thick, it can prevent nutrients from getting to your grass and prevent your grass from thriving.

Check For Compacted Areas

After you have raked your yard, you need to check for any areas where the grass and soil has become extremely compacted. This usually happens near areas where there is a lot of traffic.

If you have any areas like this in your yard, you need to aerate those areas. This will help those areas where the grass is compacted grow and look great along with the rest of your yard.

Seed & Fertilize Your Lawn

Ideally, you should have laid down some seed on your yard in the late fall and again in the early spring in order to have a full and lush yard by summer time. Even if you skipped seeding your yard this fall, you can still do it this spring.

As soon as it starts to turn to spring in your area, spread grass seed throughout your yard. Try to concentrate additional grass seed in areas where the growth was particularly sparse last year. 

About a month after you lay down the new grass seed, put some slow-releasing nitrogen fertilizer down. This will help your new grass seeds grow and take root. Contact a lawn care company, like Mr Green Thumb or another location, for more tips and info.

If you follow the three steps above you should be able to help your yard transition smoothly from winter to spring. With a little attention in early spring, you'll have an extremely lush yard by summer time.