Getting Rid Of Pigeons: Humane Ways To Keep Pesky Birds At Bay


You may think that pigeons are no big deal until they begin to make your own property their home. Pigeons tend to be year-round nesters, which means they don't fly south for the winter or seek another home until the one they have becomes unpleasant for them. Since pigeons can raise several babies in a single year, imagine how quickly a few pigeons can turn into a large mess for you. If you have issues with pigeons in your yard destroying plants, eating your garbage, and ruining your rooftops, use these tips to keep these pesky birds at bay.

Remove all food sources

If you want pigeons to leave your property, you need to stop making it a habitable place for them to live. The best way to start with your pigeon problem is to look at any food sources you may be offering these crafty birds. Pigeons can eat just about anything, although they prefer grains and seeds, so items like pet food, open garbage, and even plant material in your yard can make a nice snack. Your local pest control expert can help you pigeon-proof your home as far as food sources go to keep them from staying at your home long-term.

Make nesting difficult

Pigeons need a flat surface with plenty of coverage to make their nests, and can be pretty picky about where they call home. This is why you will often find their nests in your roof or attic area. Before pigeons can make their new nest, fill all flat areas of your home's exterior with netting, fitted pipes, or other materials that make creating a nest more difficult. If pigeons can't nest, they will move elsewhere. If you can, block off known nesting spots entirely by placing a mesh or wire over nesting locations to make long-term pigeons think twice about living at your home.

Get some decoys

Pigeons are a prey animal, which means they have a natural fear of owls, hawks, and other large birds of prey. Place decoys (you can buy them at your local home and garden store) on your front porch, on your roof, and in your garage to trick pigeons into thinking they are not alone. If they feel threatened enough, they may just leave on their own.

There are other ways you can get rid of pigeons, but starting with humane options first can yield great results without harming any birds. Talk to your pest control specialist about other options you can use to get pigeons to leave your home if they appear reluctant to vacate your property no matter what you do. Contact a company like Ace Walco & Sons Termite & Pest Control to get started.