Unique Ways To Transform An Ordinary Framed Mirror Into A Statement Piece


Have a space in your room that is somewhat on the blah side? Consider adding a statement piece. Statement pieces are often simple in stature, but their level of appeal and style is tremendous. A framed mirror can serve as an excellent statement piece with the right touch. Here are just some of the things you can do to transform a framed mirror into stylish statement piece.

Incorporate Texture

Consider adding some texture to the mirror. If you don't really plan on using the mirror in the traditional sense, you can achieve this by painting a design on the glass or even adding appliques. If you still want to be able to view the mirror without any obstruction, consider adding texture to its frame.

Some ideas include adhering artificial flower petals, small stones or even tiles to the frame. Just use the theme of the space for inspiration. Both of these options can transform the mirror into a beautiful work of art and serve as the focal point of the space.

Think Outside The Box

If you don't already own a mirror to use as a statement piece, when shopping, make sure you are thinking outside the box. Most people choose a traditional rectangular mirror, but mirrors are available in just about any shape you can think of. Adding a mirror to your space designed in a different shape is unique, creative and can be an attention grabber.

As an added tip, should you decide to go with a different shape, it's best to keep the frame simple. A statement piece should be powerful, but not over powering. Having a uniquely shaped mirror and a bold frame can be an overwhelming combination.

Pick The Right Placement

Where you place the mirror can also have an effect on just how much of a statement it can make. When most people think about mirrors in design, they think on a singular level. However, you can pair the mirror with another stylish element in the space to create a statement. Take an otherwise plain sofa table that is placed against the wall.

Consider adding a large mirror behind the table. While the two pieces don't necessarily offer much appeal apart, together, they make a unique and attractive combination that can change the overall feel of the space.

Don't overlook the style power of mirrors. Incorporate a mirror into any space in your home to serve as a beautiful statement.

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