Choosing Bar Chairs For Your Home


If you have a counter or a full bar in your home, it is possible to ensure that this part of your home is a comfortable area for you and your guests with bar chairs. While these can be fairly specialized types of chairs, it can still be possible for you to be informed as you are buying these chairs for your home.

Choose A Bar Chair With Quality Leather Upholstery

The upholstery of your bar chairs will be an important consideration in terms of the comfort that you can expect when seated on these chairs as well as their overall durability. This is particularly important if you are expecting these chairs to receive a large amount of use over the coming years. For the right balance between durability and comfort, top-grain leather can be an excellent option. If this leather is properly maintained, it can last for years while also becoming more comfortable as time progresses.

Consider The Benefits Of A Bar Chair That Can Swivel

One of the disadvantages of bar chairs is that their elevation can make it harder for people to sit at the bar. An option to eliminate this problem is through the choice of bar chairs that are capable of swiveling. These chairs will be able to allow individuals to come and go without needing to fully slide their chairs back to do so. In addition to making the bar a more comfortable area to use, it can also help to reduce the risk of individuals falling as they leave the bar or causing deep scratches on the floor from sliding the chairs.

Protect The Floor With Felt Padding For The Feet Of The Bar Chairs

If your bar area has wood, tile or other hard flooring options, you will need to protect it against the risk of scratching occurring. This can result from the feet of the chair sliding across the floor. Fortunately, it is possible to mitigate this source of wear by placing felt padding on the bottom of the chairs' feet. These pads will acts as a protective barrier so that the risk of scratching the floors can be minimized as much as possible. To help these pads be as effective as possible, the floor under the chairs should be regularly cleaned as dirt, rocks or other materials that get trapped between the felt and the floor may still be able to leave scuff marks.

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