Fun, Festive Projects For Your Leftover Fabric And Remnants


If you hate discarding or wasting the leftover fabric and remnant material from your holiday sewing projects, don't dismay. There are some clever and cute ideas that make good use of your extra fabric, and some may even inspire you to pick up a couple fat quarters from the fabric store to complete these great gifts right away!

Some holiday projects, perfect for fabric remnants or fat quarters, include these ideas:

Wintry wreath.

Spend a couple bucks on a foam wreath ring and use your leftover fabric to create a unique accent that you will use year after year. Start out by cutting the fabric in squares that are around two-inches by two-inches, and try to make your squares as uniform as possible. If the fabric tends to fray, use pinking shears around the edges to prevent it from unraveling. Next, use a very small crochet hook or a large knitting needle to press the center of the square into the foam of the ring. This causes the fabric to create a blossom-shape. Repeat this process over the entire ring until covered, making each blossom close enough to the next to cover the foam ring. Finish with a piece of wire to hang your creation, and add a bow if desired.          

Kitchen accessories.

It is easy to make some useful kitchen gifts out of leftover fabric, and depending on how much material you have, you may create placemats, coasters, or napkins for someone special this holiday. Simply cut your fabric to the desired size, using pinking shears to prevent fraying. Create an ensemble of coordinating items for someone special to use in their kitchen.

Pet pleasers.

Regardless of the size of your fabric remnants, you can easily stitch up a treat for the four-legged friends on your holiday gift-giving list. It is easy to make cat nip bags or plush dog toys with your leftover material; try the following tips:

  • Stitch a small bag or pocket out of your fabric, leaving the end open to fill.
  • Fill dog toys with a bit of clean polyester filling, and add a pinch or two of loose-catnip to toys for your feline family members.
  • Sew the open end closed, using a simple darning stitch or a sewing machine.
  • If you don't have pets, try this project and fill the pouch with balsam or pine needles. This will make aromatic sachet pillows that will bring a festive fragrance to any home.

There is no need to discard leftover fabric remnants. There are many simple, clever ideas that you can make from this leftover material, and many make excellent gifts for others, too. Try these suggestions with your remnants, or pick up a fat quarter of your favorite fabric and get stitching!